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Educating on Black Women's
Health & Nutrition

The National Birth Coalition firmly believes that nutrition is key for better reproductive health. Underprivileged communities are more likely to be subjected to nutrition disparities such as food deserts and medical issues caused by an improper diet. By advocating and educating our community, we integrate nutrition into the work we do everyday.

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Preparing Dinner
Young Dietitian

A message from ShLanda for You & Your Family

After obtaining my degree, I have continued to work in my community as a Food, Nutrition, and Dietetics educator. I am also a Certified Diabetes Peer Educator and a Natural Childbirth Educator. I teach and educate families on food, wellness, and healthier living. I assist anyone interested in transitioning and living an improved lifestyle for you and your family. 

"Transitioning to Health and Wellness is a journey! Eat Well!"

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