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Eliminating birth & health disparities.

Educating on Reproductive Health & Nutrition.

National Birth Coalition

Who We Are

Our Goal

Our Goal is to eliminate birth & health disparities in North Carolina & beyond. 

 Our Mission

Our Mission is to make an effective impact in underserved communities through education on birth, health, & nutrition. We support community Birth and Postpartum plans and  implement maternal & infant health education as a priority in Black, Indigenous, and People of Color's (BIPOC) Communities. 


We plan to advocate for the most effective, evidence-based, culturally competent policies & practices to empower families to effectively improve outcomes for mothers, fathers & their babies.


We plan to reverse the complex trends of maternal & infant health outcomes by advocating & partnering with maternity healthcare practitioners to achieve optimal support through preconception, prenatal, antepartum, and finally postpartum care, for entire families throughout North Carolina.

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The National Birth Coalition

Winston Salem, North Carolina

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